Особая реальность. Новые беседы с доном Хуаном Carlos Castaneda




Особая реальность. Новые беседы с доном Хуаном  by  Carlos Castaneda

Особая реальность. Новые беседы с доном Хуаном by Carlos Castaneda
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Castaneda books were very popular when I was an undergraduate, and when I first started teaching in the 1970s. I remember reading all three and being amused and confused. I suspect I was mostly interested in the authors descriptions of his experiences with peyote. Years have passed, and I revisited A Separate Reality after a friends adult son passed away.

I saw imagery and a quote from Castaneda in his artwork, and thought this might be a time to see what I could learn from the book. What a difference all those years of living made in my interest and understanding! I was fascinated in the student and mentors different ways of perceiving the world, and in the ongoing conversation they have about the differences between looking and really seeing, between an intellectual understanding of the world and and experiential understanding.

This time I felt Don Juan had something to teach me, not just Carlos, about living life as fully aware as possible, with intention, and respect for death, that comes for each of us.

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