Night Shots John T. Cullen


Published: November 5th 2011



Night Shots  by  John T. Cullen

Night Shots by John T. Cullen
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Atmosphere, suspense, and danger flavor the night--and Night Shots is a carefully selected brew of ingredients designed to thrill readers in six individual doses of terror, love, and wonder.In Terror in My Arms, hotshot software engineer Sylvie Bancroft meets the man of her dreams--or the creature out of her nightmares...In Foto Finish, an insurance investigator for Continental Mogul follows up on an accidental death investigation in the glamorous part of town, and uncovers a drug-sluiced slide into fraud...In Killing Daddy, a successful investment broker remains an emotionally crippled child destined for a violent confrontation with his tormentor.In The Hill Club, a young grifter stumbles into the intersection of love and terror at the corner of Money and Power.

He charms a wealthy woman, puts the make on her icy young daughter, and finds the first friend in his life in a beautiful transgendered woman...In Broken Wing, three females and a male form a defensive constellation against a terrorist bomber and mass killer. They are a cockatiel named Lucy, a wounded veteran named Jack Martin, Jacks boss Hot-Shit-Suit, and a beautiful, enigmatic bookstore owner named Rose Fennel...In The Flower Baron, aging Bill Winters, who has never cheated on his wife of more than forty years, encounters a gorgeous young woman in distress named Laurissa Bailey...Thats six stories, each with its hero and heroine, each with their lives and destinies, glimpsed under the lone hanging light bulb in the rain.

The city is full of gripping stories. These are six of its Night Shots.

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