The art of coarse acting Michael Frederick Green

ISBN: 9780896760417

Published: March 1st 1981

Unknown Binding

127 pages


The art of coarse acting  by  Michael Frederick Green

The art of coarse acting by Michael Frederick Green
March 1st 1981 | Unknown Binding | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 127 pages | ISBN: 9780896760417 | 5.79 Mb

A dedication make, both brief and shortTo those with cardboard spears at AgincourtThis is one of those books, like 1066 And All That that it is impossible to read for more than a paragraph without stopping to quote at everyone else in the room.You should know that I was an assistant stage manager at a student theatre for all of my undergraduate years- I have friends who are now professional technicians and actors, Ive been an avid theatre-goer for as long as I can remember, and I swear to you that Coarse Acting done right is my favourite of the lot.

I love village hall theatre where the cast are enjoying themselves and the audience are in on the joke. I love stock characters, upstaging, when stage crew get caught in the lights. I love kind laughter, cheering for when things go well, and an atmosphere so relaxed its flipped over. This book is that, in spades, telling stories and inviting reminiscences.Of course Ive also seen terrible theatre: a particularly stand-out one for me was in a seaside town on holiday with my family, a murder mystery where we couldnt leave because our seats were in the middle of the third row, and the auditorium was nearly empty.

(Spoiler: the murderer turned out to be the Cockney with the limp.) I live in Edinburgh, for goodness sake: if you know where to look, the Festival Fringe is a bonanza of over-used cliches, megalomaniac writer-director-leads, forgotten lines and over-important misused Shakespeare quotes. But just every so often, those are brilliant, and not because youre laughing at the cast, but because theyre laughing with you and the storytelling may be ropey as hell but for that hour, you the audience are allowed backstage as well, and youre among friends.

Wonderful. My favourite.This book is like that, and you get to join in. I knew I couldnt be a rarity in liking it. If youve ever done am dram of any kind, you will certainly have told this kind of anecdote in the pub before. If you like theatre, youve probably heard someone else doing that same telling. Its short, sweet, gleeful.P.S.

British theatricals may have heard of the theatre company in the dedication...

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