The Steel Mirror Donald Hamilton



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The Steel Mirror  by  Donald Hamilton

The Steel Mirror by Donald Hamilton
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This is Hamiltons second published novel & is better than his first Date with Darkness. Again, it is set in the US not too long after WWII & features a main character who didnt take part in the war overseas, but instead was a chemist working in the states for the war effort. The story is as twisty a plot as Ive ever read- full of dubious motives, morals, & a lot of lies. That leads to plenty of mystery, suspense, & thrills.If youre looking for heroic figures, this isnt the book for you.

All the characters are quite ordinary people swept up in events over which they have little control. Theyre all madly scrambling to get free without facing the consequences for murder, betrayal, & more. Some are quite innocent, others not, but who is guilty of exactly what the novel is about.

While the mystery is solved at the end, its hardly a tidy finish, but it was terrific.The story is dated in the way it treats women. The reader has to remember that during this time women were not equal to men, but were treated somewhat like overgrown children. Movies of this time showed men spanking their wives & girl friends as punishment.

While that doesnt take place in this novel, but without understanding this mindset, the story wont make as much sense & the main characters character suffers the most for it.The female lead is really interesting. Hamilton did a masterful job of bringing her along, growing her character & story. I dont want to spoil anything for those who havent read the book, but shes a real test for the main character who desires her, likes/pities/distrusts her, & really doesnt know if he should try to protect her or run.All of the above helps explain the main character.

Hes not a hero, just a fairly decent, intelligent man who is caught up in events that grow in complexity & danger. His innate decency is constantly tested & hes wrestling his own baggage. Tired, scared, & unsure who to trust, he comes off as a very believable ass throughout.

Hes adverse to violence, but is driven to it several times. No, hes no hero, but I doubt any real person would have done any better in his position.All in all, it was quite a ride. Now Im on to Hamiltons third, Murder Twice Told, 2 novellas ( The Black Cross and Deadfall) in one book.

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