Rainbow Cottage (Grace Livingston Hill #16) Grace Livingston Hill



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Rainbow Cottage (Grace Livingston Hill #16)  by  Grace Livingston Hill

Rainbow Cottage (Grace Livingston Hill #16) by Grace Livingston Hill
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Rainbow CottageGrace L HillThere are 2 huge reasons why i really like reading Graces books. One I mentioned in all my reviews-- it is the spiritual application that is so greatly described and so vivid that you want to be there and experience it yourself.The second reason is that she lived and wrote about the era when evolution first came out and was spoiling peoples minds and lives.Her books are right between a strict Victorian and spoiled contemporary romance.

It brings a breath of fresh air because really you dont know what to expect and what side she will favor.Rainbow Cottage had so much action, drama, prejudice, love, and spiritual uplifting going on that you keep turning pages without realizing it.Shelia is going to see her grandma while running away from a wicked man. She comes tired and and angry ready to unload all her pain on them because they turned her mother out.

Angus was doing a good deed and stopping over to drop some papers off. Little did they know that they were cut from the same cloth and were meant for each other. I liked their growing romance, Grace showed his tormented heart in this book too. I was touched by Bettys and Malcolms transformation. Poor Jac made me laugh, I know Im terrible but she was a silly girl in love who didnt know the Lord.Great inspirational book! Enjoy it!!Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this book from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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