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The Man Who Knew  by  Edgar Wallace

The Man Who Knew by Edgar Wallace
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The Man Who Knows is Saul Arthur Mann, a curious little chap with a big library of information on just about everything and everyone that is the envy of Scotland Yard, which he uses to pursue his own hobby for indulging in private investigations.Ready-Money Minute is a ruthless businessman with a shady past of financial speculations in South Africa and Rhodesia. Latterly he has become the victim of fraud and become paranoid, while all those close to him are well aware of how vast his legacy would be if he were to be bumped off.The investigative method of Saul Arthur Mann promised to make for an interesting detective story, but this wasnt it.

No actual detecting is done, the events merely unfold around him, slowly at first, then in a hurry and completely implausibly.There is a delicious irony in the title, which is given a pleasing punch line in the very last sentence of the story, but I cant help thinking that the mass of misdirection that leads up to it neither merited the effort nor bore much scrutiny.The author claims early on that the story is based on real-life events. I find that hard to believe, but if true then Wallace made a bit of a meal of turning it into a fiction.

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