Order of the Stone Zane Cameron Gentry

ISBN: 9781621472032

Published: December 11th 2012


201 pages


Order of the Stone  by  Zane Cameron Gentry

Order of the Stone by Zane Cameron Gentry
December 11th 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 201 pages | ISBN: 9781621472032 | 7.18 Mb

The hope of speed being on her side was washed away with every pounding step of the Sturgeon. The apparition of the child hung low to the ground, lifting its infant hands in stride with the immense legs of its main body. The arms of the creature whirled like a blender, slicing the air with an audible thwaup! The end was near- Jenny felt it in her bones. She wouldnt go without a fight but the soft flesh of a young woman would not stand up long to the bull rush of the demon. In the depths of the earth lies an underground city. Abandoned long ago by mysterious beings, Satans demons have taken up residence, ready to attack the sleepy town of Roanoke, Virginia.

But it wasnt until Fred Burkes, longtime Roanoke elitist, stumbles upon the city during a theatre renovation that the demons decide to strike! Father Lance Grey has been a warrior of God for years, and he can tell when a demon is plotting a new attack. Called to Roanoke, Virginia, Lance is weary of his newest assignment.

Not only will there be demons to battle, but his long ago girlfriend, Jenny, will be nearby, and he hasnt gotten over her yet. As Father Grey and Fred come together to battle the demons, the rest of the world sleeps soundly, not realizing theyre out of options. Will the citys most pretentious citizen be able to hold his own against the strongest forces of evil?

Or will the Priests skills be overshadowed by the monsters underground? Join Author Zane Cameron Gentry as he explores the possibility of a man of faith being the greatest hero never acknowledged in Order of the Stone.

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